4 Cliché-Busting Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas - FITS®

February 08, 2019

With stores already stocking their shelves with red boxes of candy and oversized teddy bears, it’s obvious that Valentine’s Day gift clichés are still alive and well. However, just because other couples may be falling victim to the same-old-same-old doesn’t mean you can’t surprise your loved one with something unexpected this February 14th.

Luckily, we’re here to help you think outside the (heart-shaped) box. We’ve rounded up four Valentine’s Day gift ideas that take a new spin on the typical clichéd presents — so you can show that special someone just how uniquely you care for them.

Design your own chocolate bar

Rather than purchasing any old box of candy, make it personalized by designing a custom chocolate bar with all of your sweetie’s favorites. You can even take it one step further and design your own wrapper full of inside jokes or featuring a cute photo.

Make long-lasting flowers

Don’t waste your money on roses that will wither and die. Instead, make a bouquet that will last as long as you hope your relationship will. Whether paper, fabric or tissue, choose a medium that will be meaningful to your Valentine and get crafting.

Ditch the lingerie

You know what’s much more comfortable than a lacey corset she’ll never actually wear? Socks. Yes, you read that correctly: SOCKS. Rather than manufacturing a sexy moment with complicated undergarments, let the magic happen naturally with a cozy cuddle by the fireplace and a gift that says, “Hey. I know you work hard. Put those feet up and get comfy with the best fitting socks around.”

Turn date night into date weekend

Why wait an hour for a table when you can give the gift of a getaway experience? There’s nothing better than getting away with your boo, so celebrate love with a ski trip or bucket list destination that you’ll both always remember.

Remember, above all, it’s the thought that counts — and we’re happy to help you think this one through.

No time to waste! Start your Valentine’s Day shopping today.