4 Ways to Keep Cool This Summer - FITS®

July 08, 2019

Summer is officially here — and so are the scorching hot temperatures. Depending on what area of the country you live in, you may have already been dealing with 80-90 degree days, and things aren’t likely to cool down any time soon. How can you beat the heat and enjoy outdoor activities comfortably in the summer months?

Of course, staying cool in the summer isn’t just a comfort issue; high temperatures can also pose a safety risk as well. Use these four tips to reduce your risk of overheating and cool down when temperatures start to rise.

Stay hydrated

There’s nothing more important than hydration when you’re out in the sun. Not only is staying hydrated something you need to do on a daily basis, but sweating causes our bodies to lose water and it’s important to replenish. Try carrying a reusable water bottle with you and making a plan to fill up at specific increments throughout the day to ensure you’re getting enough.

Dress coolly

While you want to dress for sun protection as well, it’s also important that you’re wearing clothes that are light and breathable so your body won’t overheat. Aim for light fabrics and colors. Of course, don’t forget the importance of keeping your feet cool, too — lightweight socks made of breathable fabrics are the must-have accessories for every sneaker wearer.

Seek shade

Do your best to avoid being in direct sunlight for too long, especially on particularly hot days. Take breaks indoors, duck under an awning or sit under an umbrella to cool off. When possible, plan your outdoor activities in the mornings or evenings when the sun won’t be at its peak.

Go for a swim

Whether heading to the beach, lounging poolside or simply setting up a sprinkler in your backyard, nothing will help you beat the heat quite like a dip in the water. Just don’t forget to reapply your sunscreen!

There’s nothing better than getting outside in the summer — just make sure you’re prepared to battle the heat. With a few precautions and preparations, you’ll be able to enjoy the sunshine until cooler fall temperatures arrive.


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