5 Ways to Make Your Commute Eco-Friendly - FITS®

October 15, 2019

We can all do more to minimize our personal impact on the environment — and greening your commute is a great place to start. While all of these suggestions may not work for everyone, hopefully this post will inspire you to make small, practical changes for a more eco-friendly work life. 

Work Remotely One Day Per Week

The best way to make your commute eco-friendly is to make it non-existent! In favor of improved work/life balance and cost-cutting, more and more companies are open to remote work these days. Working remotely can be a win/win for everyone, so it might be worth bringing up with your boss if your job can occasionally be done from home.

Carpool or Use Public Transportation

Here’s our most obvious suggestion: carpooling or taking advantage of public transportation. While this will obviously depend on where you live, sharing your commute can dramatically decrease your footprint. Plus, using public transportation can be a great time to answer emails or catch up on reading.

Bike or Walk to Work

Again, this suggestion is very dependent on where you live, but biking, walking or even running to work when possible isn’t just good for the environment — it’s also good for you! Just remember to use proper safety precautions if your commute takes you down busy roads. Our cycling socks in men's and women's sizes are perfect for biking to work.

Have Coffee At Home — Or Use a Travel Mug

Hooked on your morning coffee shop spot? Most places will allow you to fill up with your own mug so you can minimize your disposable cup use. The same can be said for packing your lunch in reusable containers instead of Ziploc bags or, worse, getting Styrofoam-reliant takeout. 

Trade In Your Vehicle

This suggestion definitely doesn’t get points for practicality, but if you’ve been considering trading in your car for something different, choosing an eco-friendly model — like a hybrid or electric car — could significantly cut gas costs and reduce your personal environmental impact.

When it comes to the environment, we can’t all do everything — but we can all do something. This week, try to make one small change. You might be surprised how nice it feels to do something good for the planet.

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