Compression Can Benefit Your Health - FITS®

October 26, 2018

When you think of compression socks, you may think compression socks are great for a nurse wearing a pair to work, or how difficult they can be to put on, or that only a certain type of person should wear them, but the truth is, anyone can benefit. There is no age requirement for wearing compression socks, and they can help people working in various occupations.

woman pulling up sock wearing scrubsThe main reason to wear compression is simply to keep the blood flow circulating from your heart to your legs, and from your legs back to your heart. You may not even think about this, but when you’re sitting at a desk all day and your legs aren’t moving, the blood flow from your legs back to your heart is reduced significantly. Or let’s say you decide to go on a long road trip — this is limiting your movement, thus limiting your blood flow. Our bodies were designed to move, and when we sit, or even stand, and don’t move for long periods of time, this can potentially cause issues down the road.

For some, there is a medical condition called venous reflux, which can be seen in obese people, pregnant woman, and those over 50. Healthline has a great overview of this condition, as well as the video below, where vein experts and FITS Medical Consultants share their insights on compression socks.

You don’t need to be a nurse, have venous reflux, or be a triathlete to wear compression. Although compression socks may not resolve everything, they are the simplest way to enhance blood flow and reduce cramping and swelling.

If you’re interested in learning more about our compression socks for your own needs, or you’re in the medical field and want to know how to connect your patients with FITS Compression, check out compression socks for men and compression socks for women.