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April 22, 2022

everest base camp
Photo courtesy of @fullcircleeverst

For those unfamiliar with this type of endeavor, Base Camp 1 is important point on the map at the beginning of this type of expedition.


To arrive, the team embarked on the nearly 14 day trek from Kathmandu. An impressive accomplishment in itself, with BC1 being perched at 5600 meters (17,598 ft.).  


Life at Camp 1 means remaining fine-tuned: acclimatizing, staying hydrated, practicing rope skills, getting rest but also being active.


Each part of this expedition takes patience, strength, and perseverance. With altitude changes, even simple tasks require physical endurance. Your body reacts and responds differently at these elevations, so the team is taking it slow and allowing their bodies to adjust and prepare as they attempt to make history as the first all-Black team to attempt to summit Everest.


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