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fits sock ambassador brandon thome-neitzel hunting sunset
Home Town:
 Madison, WI
Residence: Madison, WI
Occupation: Currently studying Business Management at the University of Wisconsin—Madison.
Passes the Times: Hunting, Fishing, Traveling, Scuba Diving, Skydiving, Hiking, Skiing, Wakeboarding.
Current Sponsors: Sitka Whitetail Ambassador Team, GORE HuntingTech, Mathews, Hornady, Gold Tip -- FITS!
Instagram: @brandon_neitzel

Bio: Born and raised in Madison, Wisconsin, Brandon Thome-Neitzel has been hunting, fishing, and traveling for the better part of his life. Brandon discovered bowhunting at a very early age and has held it close to his heart ever since. His father taught him the ways of being a modern conservationist, and Brandon continues to expand on that knowledge.

Growing up with a passion for the outdoors, Brandon enjoys capturing his adventures through the lens of a camera. When he’s not whitetail hunting on his property in Southern Wisconsin, you can find him exploring the outdoors, big game hunting in other parts of the country, or seeing as much of the world as possible.

There never really is an off-season for Brandon. There are always new places to explore, new techniques to learn, and more stories to share. He currently spends over 150 days a year hunting, fishing, and discovering the world one adventure at a time.
fits sock ambassador brandon thome-neitzel fishing with trout
fits sock ambassador brandon thome-neitzel hunting in mountains
fits sock ambassador brandon thome-neitzel hunting
fits sock ambassador brandon thome-neitzel walking to deer stand with bow
fits sock ambassador brandon thome-neitzel skydiving
fits sock ambassador brandon thome-neitzel on the hunt



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