September 27, 2016

fits sock ambassador bree buckley climing mountain

Home Town: Hanover, NH
Residence: Jackson, WY
Occupation: Writer, Waitress and Bartender
Current Sponsors: Honey Stinger, Field Trip Jerky, Stio, Native Eyewear, Discrete + FITS!
Passes the Time: Rock Climbing, Mountaineering, Snowboarding, Mountain Biking and Trail Running
Vimeo: Click Here
Instagram: @bree.buckley

Bio: I am a stubborn, five-foot-two, frizzy haired mountain lioness who likes to push her endurance and athleticism in the mountains. Based in Jackson Hole, I am lucky to have immediate access to the Tetons, an intricate and complex mountain range that has allowed me to fall in love with both mountaineering and backcountry skiing. When I'm not in the Tetons, I enjoy mountain biking around Cache Creek in Jackson Hole and driving ridiculous distances to sport climb in the deserts of Utah and Nevada. I also enjoy ginger, freshly baked cookies, cold brew coffee, and am in the process of building out a van to call home.

I typically choose to adventure in the mountains with women, believing that it has built my own ability to push my limits and learn in a non-competitive arena and broadcast my activity through film, social media, and writing. With a B.A. from St. Lawrence University, I have found a complementary balance between career and lifestyle by writing for the outdoor industry and my personal blog.

Travel Up Next: Mexico, Chamonix and Squamish.

fits sock ambassador bree buckley climing mountain in snow and ice
fits sock ambassador bree buckley climing red rock mountain
fits sock ambassador bree buckley mountain climbing snow peaks
fits sock ambassador bree buckley resting while mountain climbing
fits sock ambassador bree buckley reaching peak of mountain
fits sock ambassador bree buckley climbing rock



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