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fits sock ambassador cameron evans in front of blue lake

Home Town: Olympia, WA
Residence: Seattle, WA
Occupation: Photographer
Passes the Times: Occasional camping growing up (didn’t really get a chance to get into it much until a couple years ago)/ Wakeboarding/ Frisbee/ Photography/ Writing!
Instagram: @cammeroncody

Bio: My name is Cammeron Evans and I am most at ease in the mountains. I grew up only camping a few times, but fell in love with the outdoors, and our states terrain, from a young age. My family has a place on the east side of the cascades that we would drive to all the time for vacations, within the gorgeous coulee corridor. I have driven through the mountains more times than I could count, and a couple of years ago I began to climb them. My partner and I love all of our states mountain ranges and try to switch up the areas we visit trip to trip. My photography helps me to look back and vividly relive emotions that were flowing through me in these remote locations. For us, we became hooked after a day trip to the magical Mt. Rainier National Park. It was the first time we had gone up in years, and it was a crystal clear, bluebird day. You could see almost all of the states volcanoes and prominent peaks, even down into Oregon with Mt. Hood. We saw several folks carrying their big overnight packs, to experience more than what the day’s light would permit them, and we were in awe. At the time it seemed like a pipedream to gather all of the proper equipment and to go out and “rough it”. After another amazing trip to Mt. St. Helens the next month, we began to save and research what equipment to get first. Now almost a year and a half later, we have a hard time just doing the day hike without a heavy pack. There is an oddly enchanting feeling of leaving the car with everything on your back for a couple days. You have the opportunity to take in all of the worlds true wonders when setting up for a sunset and sunrise. This hobby, or lifestyle rather, is quite contagious if you give yourself a chance to be immersed within it!

fits sock ambassador cameron evans jumping in ice lake

fits sock ambassador cameron evans camping at sunset in mountains

fits sock ambassador cameron evans sleeping bags at top of mountain



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