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fits sock ambassadors jace and giddi in van

Name(s): Jace and Giddi Carmichael
Hometown: Gilbert, AZ
Occupation: Yoga Instructor/Handmade Jewelers
Pastimes: Hiking, Climbing, Slacklining, Snacking, Yoga
Instagram: @ourhomeonwheels
Personal (Jewelry) Website:

Bio(s): Jace and Giddi travel full-time in a self-converted camper van. They're based out of Arizona, originally, but mainly follow the weather in search of a perfect 70 degrees and sunshine. This has taken them through most of the western United States, Western Canada, and a large portion of Alaska, documenting the journey along the way. They are passionate about the outdoors - hiking, climbing, etc - and their adventures are fueled almost entirely by quesadillas and guacamole. The pair works together on creating minimalist handmade jewelry in order to support both their appetites and outdoor activities along the way. They've recently added an additional member to the van, their daughter Juniper, and are excited to share their stoke for nature and show her the ropes of life on (and off) the road.

fits sock ambassadors jace and giddi outside van

fits sock ambassadors jace and giddi on snow covered mountain

fits sock ambassadors jace and giddi skateboarding

fits sock ambassadors jace and giddi lounging in van

fits sock ambassadors jace and giddi in front of lake



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