October 17, 2016

 fits sock ambassador jose romero walking in yosemite

Home Town: San Lorenzo, CA
Occupation: Photographer
Passes the Times: Hiking, Backpacking, Road Tripping, Climbing, and Eating Pizza
Website: www.JoseIRomero.com
Instagram: @joseromero93

Bio:Jose Romero is an adventure and travel photographer based out of the SF Bay Area. His work is driven by his love for the outdoors and he hopes to inspire others to get outside, explore and create amazing stories of their own.

Yosemite National Park has been a huge influence in his photography/outdoor career; his first photographs ever were shot in the park, his first backpacking trip took place in the park and he climbed for the first time ever in the park.

In his free time Jose can be found in the outdoors cooking up some crazy adventure and saying “gnarly” over and over again until something gnarly does happen. Over the years he has learned to embrace the lack of sleep, random camp locations and eating trail mix and ramen for dinner that come with the job. He’s an outdoorsman at heart, a photographer by choice and probably a little off as a result of the two. Have a project you’d like to make happen? Give him a holler by visiting his website or shooting him a message on Instagram.

fits sock ambassador jose romero standing on crocker point

fits sock ambassador jose romero camping in little yosemite

fits sock ambassador jose romero on glacier point road half dome warning

fits sock ambassador jose romero wearing fits socks camping

fits sock ambassador jose romero feet hanging off taft point




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