FITS Team Spotlight: Mike Krejcarek - FITS®

July 06, 2018

People are the core of FITS. We are fortunate enough to have a great team that truly cares about our product and making sure it meets the needs of every individual who wears FITS.

Starting today, we will spotlight members of the FITS team, retailers from all over the country, and even customers and their adventures wearing FITS.

So to kick off this new series, please meet Mike Krejcarek, Lead Sales Director and Product Specialist!

Q: Tell us about where you grew up. How did your childhood and where you lived shape your love for adventure or outdoors?

A: I grew up on a small lake in a beautiful part of Wisconsin known as the Kettle Hills. Aside from spending most of my childhood on the lake, my real appreciation for the outdoors came from my time spent with my father in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. It was there that he taught me to hunt and fish. To this day my time spent with him in the outdoors is still something I cherish.

Q: What was your impression of FITS the very first time your tried a pair on?

A: The first time I tried FITS on I was blown away by the socks. I knew instantly that there was something special and unique going on and in fact I was so impressed by the product that I found myself tracking down the sales manager of the company to let him know I wanted to join the team. I started working for FITS shortly after.

Q: Socks probably aren't on most people's radar when they talk about performance wear, but how important is something as simple as a sock when is comes to performance?

A: It all starts from the ground. If your feet are in good shape, any activity you are doing is going to go much better and be more enjoyable. A perfect fitting, comfortable sock will help to avoid so many problems. Blisters, bunching in your sock, a sock that slides and moves around on your foot, all these things can ruin your experience and can be avoided. On top of it all, the quality of Merino in a FITS product will maximize the overall comfort of your feet, allowing them to breath and wick away moisture. If you are wearing FITS, there are a whole host of problems avoided and you do not even have to think about them.

Q: What's your favorite FITS sock for your active outings?

A: The Performance Trail is my perfect active action sock. I love the cushion on the bottom of the foot while enjoying the ultra light top which helps to keep my feet cool and comfortable. Slightly higher than a normal quarter sock, it is still low enough to be a cool sock. The extra high welt is very unusual. It locks the sock around my lower shin just above the ankle and nothing can get by it and into my sock. I love the feeling of security knowing that no matter what I do, I can wear this lower sock and know that nothing can get inside between my sock and my skin.

Q: What's your favorite FITS sock for everyday wear?

A: The Light Hiker is my perfect everyday wear. Standing on a full cushion bed is so comfortable. The top of the foot and leg are lighter for comfort. The Light Hiker in black is my perfect dress sock for work and weddings. Plenty of fun patterns and other colors are available, depending on how I feel any given day.

Q: What do you love most about your role with FITS?

A: I started working with all of our reps supporting their efforts in assisting our dealers with staff education, public events, and promoting the brand in general. Now as the National Sales Manager, I am always working to make sure our reps and dealers have all they need to best serve our FITS customers. What I love most is that our dealers are able to best serve their customers so they may enjoy FITS.

Q: Since you switched to wearing FITS socks, what difference have you noticed the most and how has it improved your performance in your outdoor activities and also in your everyday life?

A: That is easy. I never, ever, think about my feet and how they feel. FITS is the best fitting, most comfortable sock I have ever worn. My feet are always in great shape and I never have to think about them.