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August 08, 2018

Socks. They seem simple enough, right? There are two of them, one for each foot. You put them on at the beginning of the day, and take them off at the end of the day. Throw them in the washer, then you probably throw them in the dryer. Once that’s done, you repeat that cycle until they’re completely worn out.

This actually doesn’t sound wrong, and it’s probably how most of us take care of our socks. But what if we told you there is another care process, and that if you follow the simple steps below, your socks will hold their shape and color, and last longer? Would you do it? We hope you do!

Step 1: Turn Socks Inside Out Before Washing. All FITS socks are made with the best wool in the world, which means they’re extremely durable. However, like any wool or fabric, it can "pill" (those annoying fuzz balls that form), which will cause abrasion. By simply turning your socks inside out before washing, it will significantly reduce the chance of pilling.

Step 2: Wash in Cool or Cold Water. Socks can be cute, but they aren’t humans, and they certainly don’t like warm baths. Why? We thought you might ask. High heat and hot water actually breaks down the color dye and causes shrinkage. So, if you want you keep your green socks from turning brown, and not have to give your kids shrunken socks, keep them away from hot water! Oh, and never bleach your socks.

Step 3: Hang Dry. Just like hot water, when wool socks for women and wool socks for men, and other garments are exposed to high heat in a dryer they will shrink. After washing, our socks will have a similar characteristic as your favorite jeans. They will appear small and feel snug, but will wear and relax into their normal size. We suggest a good old-fashioned hang dry using clothespins. If you still want to dry your socks in a drying machine, keep them turned inside out, tumble dry on low, and use one of our sock bags to keep all your socks in one place!

For any additional questions about our socks and care, reach out to our amazing product specialist team at 888-421-3487 or