How to Wear No Show Socks for Men - FITS®

April 08, 2022

Are you looking for a way to sport the modern sockless look? But are you unsure of how to rock this style without sacrificing comfort or fashion? If so, keep reading to learn when and how to wear no show socks for men.

When to Wear No Show Socks for Men

First things first, the sockless look is most appropriate when the weather is warm. It doesn’t necessarily have to be summertime because there are places that experience warm weather year-round. But it should be warm outside for the style to make the most sense.

You should also sport your no show socks when your outfit naturally shows your ankles, whether you’re wearing hemmed or cuffed pants, capris, or shorts. If your ankles aren’t visible when you’re walking or standing, stylistically, it makes more sense to wear a traditional crew or mid-rise sock. This is especially true in a professional business environment, where going for a sockless look that shows off your ankles might not be widely accepted.

How to Wear No Show Socks for Men

You can wear no show socks for men with a variety of shoes and pant styles. Whether you’re rocking chinos, jeans, or dress trousers, you can sport the sockless look, as long as your pants are hemmed or cuffed to intentionally show your ankles. Wearing no show socks also looks great with shorts. Lastly, you can wear your no show socks for men with nearly any type of footwear. The sockless look goes great with sneakers, loafers, and dress shoes for the right occasion.

Benefits of Wearing No Show Socks for Men vs. Going Sockless

Now, you may be wondering why you should even bother wearing no show socks when you’re going for the sockless look. Why not just go sockless? Here are three reasons. 

1. No Show Socks Keep Your Feet Dry 

Feet are prone to sweat. With 125,000 sweat glands in each foot–more than any other part of the body per square centimeter–your feet produce about half a pint of perspiration daily. Wearing shoes without socks is an ideal environment for your feet to sweat. Fortunately, wearing no show socks for men keeps your feet dry, preventing bacteria and infections from forming. 

2. No Show Socks Keep Your Feet From Stinking

If you wear shoes without socks, your feet will perspire more, which will lead to sweaty and stinky feet. While you may not smell them while you’re shoes are on, as soon as you take them off, the result of wearing shoes without socks will become extremely noticeable. Unless you’re in the comfort of your own home alone, this can be embarrassing. You can avoid stinky feet by wearing no show socks for men. 

3. No Show Socks Keep Your Feet Protected

Lastly, wearing no show socks protects your feet from your shoes. Socks help prevent blisters, callouses, and chafing caused by shoes rubbing your feet the wrong way. By wearing no show socks, even when you’re going for a sockless look, your feet will be more comfortable throughout the day.

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