May 01, 2017

Highway 1 through Big Sur has been closed for a while now because of a demolished bridge, but there’s a back entrance up Nacimiento-Ferguson Road from the 101. We figured a weekend trip was in order…

fits socks ambassador traveling Highway 1

Taking a moment to soak in the view, looking down the winding coastline along Highway 1 towards the fallen bridge. We had the whole place to ourselves.

With all the rain California’s been getting, the hills were a rare hue of green and had us feeling like we were on the set of “The Sound of Music”.

Room with a view. Can’t complain.

Having grown up in Minnesota where the nearest ocean is thousands of miles away, I can never get enough of views like this… but then again, who really can?

California, you have stolen my heart. From salty desert planes to lush, rolling hills, I am convinced this is the most beautiful place on earth.

Adventures are only as fun as the people you go on them with. Memories are only as sweet as the people you make them with. Vans are only as cozy as the people you share them with.

…if the word ‘content’ could defined by a photo. Where to next?


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