In the Wild: Spring Stoke! - FITS®

May 25, 2017

Spring Stoke! This heavily used phrase is the best way to describe the feeling of spring in the west.

The days get longer, the rivers start to flow, wildflowers bloom and the snow starts to melt down low (and dump in the mountains). There is a lot to be stoked about! For us, we are stoked about what spring is like now, but also for what spring is hinting at to come. Summers in Montana are crazy good and we start to get a taste of that during the spring. All smiles while fishing inside of Yellowstone National Park. We are pumped for the park to open up for fly fishing again in May!

We have been getting a ton of snow since the ski resorts closed. Spring skiing has been awesome. And deep!

Doing some “bark boarding” on some leftover snow pack. Due to snow, we almost turned around on this high alpine overnight, but it was well worth pushing through.

Springtime is for new pups!

We have been training this little guy to be the ultimate boat dog.

So much stoke after seeing the size of this fish! You could imagine the complete shock after pulling over to get unstuck from “this rock”, and then seeing this thing!

Hiking in the Bridgers is tough to beat in the spring. Here we had just peaked over the ridgeline after an almost vertical hike, and decided to catch our breath before the scramble to the top.