Q & A with Cedrick Cooper - FITS®

March 06, 2018

We recently had the pleasure of catching up with our friend and avid hiker/outdoorsman (and former D1 football player at the University of South Carolina) Cedrick Cooper. He took some time to update us on his life after football, what big trips he has planned, and just how important quality gear is to anyone facing a tough environment. See the full Q & A below!

Cedrick Cooper Bio: Cedrick Cooper is a former athlete for the University of South Carolina Gamecocks. He’s currently a young professional living and working in Atlanta, Georgia during the week, and a nature boy that can be found anywhere in the outdoors in his free time. After playing 4 years of D1 football he found a love for the outdoors, which has him on a new mountain or trail every weekend.

Q: What are you up to these days? Tell us a little about your life and activities after football.

A: Life after football has been quite amazing. I found a love for the outdoors and have a great job working in the sales industry.

Q: When did you first become passionate about hiking and the outdoors?

A: I became passionate about hiking when I went through a hard time in my life. I got invited to go on a hike with some friends and once I made it to the top of the mountain I forgot all my pains, stresses, and negative thoughts on the surface. It truly brings me peace.

Q: What was the most challenging part of your time playing football at the University of South Carolina? Physically, mentally, or anything that stands out about your experience.

A: The hardest thing about college football is time management. Making sure you put time aside time outside of your crazy schedule to do the little things to make sure you don’t get caught up in the college football lifestyle.

Q: How crucial was having quality gear?

A: Quality gear was extremely important. Every time we turned around there were new improvements on the latest cleats, compressions, gloves etc.

Q: How important was recovery while playing ball?

A: Recovery was everything when it came to playing sports. Your body is what got you where you are so you needed to take care of it. I spent a lot of time at the treatment table. Having suffered multiple injuries, I made sure I did what I needed to do then so that it wouldn't cause any setbacks in life after football.

cedrick cooper playing miami

Q: How important is recovery after a long hike?

A: My recovery after a long hike is what makes FITS stand out beyond other sock brands. When I put on the new compression socks, my feet aren’t swollen and sore at the end of the day.

Q: How does your experience in D1 football translate into your current active outdoor lifestyle?

A: D1 football is both different and similar to hiking. Both football & hiking are physical which requires a good amount of ability, and there’s always an opponent. In football it’s the other team, in hiking it’s yourself. You have to fight your inner self when you are tired. You must keep going, the hills, waterfalls, wind, rain, snow & heat aren’t going to let up. You must determine your success before you take on a new challenge whether it’s football or taking on a new trail.

cedrick cooper on mountain in nc

Q: What was the last hike you went on?

A: The last hike I took was a steep incline out in North Carolina which was about 14 miles. Luckily I had FITS socks to keep my feet dry, fully supported and comfortable along the way!

Q: How crucial is having quality gear on your treks? 

A: Even though football & hiking have completely different traits, it requires quality gear to do these activities.

Q: What is your favorite trail to hike?

A: My most favorite hike was Pisgah National Forest in Asheville NC during the fall. The leaves were vibrant with color and beauty.

Q: What is the longest hike you have been on to date?

A: The longest hike I’ve be on was about 14miles round trip.

cedrick cooper fits ambassador

Q: Do you have any big trips/hikes coming up that you are training/preparing for?

A: I plan on going to Arizona and Denver to get some real deal hiking going. I cannot wait.

Q: Lastly, we have to ask, what you like about FITS socks?

A: What I love about FITS socks are the different qualities, compression, size, color, etc. in every pair they have. I have a pair of socks for any type of activity I’m going to be doing. I even use FITS when I head out to the field to get a nice workout in. I wish I had these socks when I was playing, I would have had a lot more comfort while running toward 300+ lb men haha. Overall, I think FITS is the only brand I will be using from now on. I highly recommend them to any athlete, hiker, climber, lifter, etc.