Safety Tips for Running Before the Sun is Up - FITS®

February 23, 2019

Starting your morning with a run can set the tone for a great day, but is it safe to lace up your sneakers and hit the road in the dark? The answer is yes — but only with some precautions.

Here are seven safety tips for running in the predawn light: 

Bring a buddy

When possible, aim to run with a buddy. Having a training partner is one of the best defense mechanisms against safety hazards, so it’s easily our number one tip.

Tell someone where you’re going

If you can’t find a buddy to run with you, at least make sure someone knows when and where you’ll be running.

Take a familiar route

Early in the morning when it’s dark is not the ideal time to try a new route. Save your adventurous runs for the daylight hours and stick to a familiar trek for sun-less runs. 

Be visible

This is especially important if you’ll be running on roads where you want to make sure cars can see you. Some runners wear reflective clothing or even headlamps to increase their visibility, but aim for bright colors at bare minimum.

Avoid music

We know, we know — running with music is super motivating and there’s a reason we all love our running playlists. But the last thing you want when running in the dark is to be distracted. Keep your senses fully engaged so you can be aware of other runners, cars or potential threats.

Take your phone

As tempting as it can be to leave your phone at home and run unencumbered, having your phone on you is important in case you hurt yourself or need help fast. 

Wear the right gear

What you wear on your run can have a big impact on how your body performs. Investing in high quality, well-fitting running gear to keep you warm — or cool, depending on the season — will make your early morning runs go that much more smoothly. 

Taking precautions when running in the dark isn’t paranoid — it’s smart. And you deserve to have a safer, happier run.

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