March 06, 2020

If you’re going on the adventure of a lifetime, you better wear the right gear. But what about if it’s your job to take people on the adventure of a lifetime? Well, in that case, you definitely better have the right gear.

At least that’s how the team at Points North Heli-Adventures, Inc. sees it. With 22 years in business, this family-owned and operated company provides all-inclusive heli skiing adventures in the Chugach mountains of Alaska. If you’re not familiar with heli skiing, it involves taking a helicopter to a remote location for off-trail, downhill skiing or snowboarding — and it’s exactly as intense and exciting as it sounds.

“We really represent the best brands out there, just because we’re in it every day,” says Jessica Quinn, who owns Points North with her husband, Kevin. “We need to make sure [what we wear] has the sort of function we need to do our jobs.”

After hearing about FITS from one of their employees, professional skier Chris Anthony, Quinn finally tried on a pair for herself. “I just never took them off,” she says. “The name is perfect — you put it on and it’s just a perfect fit.” 

In fact, Quinn says she often wears three different pairs each day depending on her needs. “On a typical day, I wake up at 6:00 a.m. and walk next door to where everybody is having breakfast, and when I do that I put on one of the hikers,” she explains. “Then, if it’s sunny, I’ll change into one of the ultra-light ski socks, because it’s game on at that point and I’m going to be in my ski boots for eight to ten hours. Making sure my feet are comfortable throughout that entire journey is crucial, or else I can’t do my job.” Finally, Quinn ends her day with a casual crew lifestyle sock, completing her FITS trifecta.

Like all good things, the love of FITS quickly spread through the entire Points North team. Each member of their staff of 30 now sports FITS socks daily — from their heli ski guides, to their helicopter pilots. “I order [our pilots] the hiker,” Quinn says. “It’s important for them to have warm feet because they’re in the helicopter all day long.”

The Points North team knows better than anyone how important the right gear is to allow you to stay in the moment. The adventure of a lifetime won’t be nearly as memorable if cold feet and blisters become a problem. “Socks are such a personal preference, especially when you’re wearing ski boots or snowboard boots,” Quinn says. “FITS really encompasses everyone. It’s a sock for any type of foot.”

If you’re looking for an unforgettable experience, check out Points North Heli-Adventures, Inc. And if you’re unfamiliar with heli skiing, watch a few of their videos — you’ll understand soon enough why they have an 85 percent return rate. 

Just don’t forget to stock up on socks before you go.



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