Want to Take Better Care of Your Socks? Then Take Care of Your Feet! - FITS®

September 19, 2019

Our socks are known for withstanding the elements and holding up through countless miles. However, while the quality construction goes a long way in helping FITS last, maintaining proper care is also crucial for extending the life of your socks. Beyond following wash instructions, there’s also one lesser-known thing you can do to take care of your socks: take care of your feet. 

It might sound silly, but proper foot care is just as important for your socks as it is for your own comfort. That’s why we’ve pulled together some of the best tips for better foot care — because both your feet and your socks deserve it.

Trim down

Look, we know this one should be obvious. But keeping your toenails trimmed is one of those simple grooming activities that can be easy to forget. Worse, long toenails are more likely to snag on your socks, tearing the fibers and potentially leading to holes. By maintaining neatly trimmed toenails, you won’t have to worry about this embarrassing (and potentially painful) snafu.

Lotion up

No one likes dried cracked feet — least of all your socks. Rougher feet are tougher on your socks and can lead to increased wear over time. And we get it: your feet go through a lot. But that’s even more reason to treat them nicely! Get yourself a pumice stone and some good lotion, then treat yourself to a foot spa day. Better yet, head over to the salon and leave the pedicures to the professionals. 

Air out

The good news is that the high quality Merino wool in FITS socks is moisture wicking and will help keep your feet dry during long runs or a day on the trails. However, when you finish your activity, it’s still important to make sure your feet have time to air out away from your socks. Some athletes even choose to do a foot bath to help reduce swelling and soreness. This can help your feet recover better so you’ll be ready to put back on your socks and get back out there sooner. Because as comfortable as your socks are, taking some time away is good for everyone. 

Your feet deserve to be properly cared for — and your socks deserve to stay in good shape for as long as possible. Luckily, these three tips can help you achieve both, all while looking and feeling great. 

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