What Does Your Sock Print Say About You? - FITS®

April 26, 2019

We see you, Guy in a Fancy Suit With Funky Socks Just Barely Showing. You do you, sir. After all, if we can’t express ourselves through our socks, when can we?

But have you ever stopped to think about what your chosen sock print says about you? Well, you’re in luck — because we’ve broken down the different sock print personality types. Before we dive in, check out our wool socks for men to follow along! 

The Subtle Stripe

Solid colors aren’t quite interesting enough for you. You like a little color and flavor, but you’re also still typically in bed by 10:00 p.m. every night. And even though you want your socks to stand out, you also still try to match at least one of the stripe colors to your outfit — because in your book, even a colorful sock shouldn’t clash. 

The Fancy Floral

Sweet and friendly, you often feel like the caregiver of your friend group. You like pretty things and you aren’t afraid to stop and smell the roses. While you may spend too much money on fresh flowers at the farmer’s market, no one will ever accuse you of not looking on the bright side.

The Steady Solid

Look, socks are socks. You’re in it for comfort, not pizzazz. Pairing up socks after doing a load of laundry might be more difficult, but you’ve never been a flashy person — and that’s just fine by you.

The Goofy Geometric

You like intrigue and detail, but with a classic take. Patterns speak to you and you prefer your visual appeal with a side of order and organization. Let’s put it this way: while you have a lot of exotic spices in your cabinet, they’re all alphabetized.  

The Crazy Cartoonist

You’re a kid at heart and that’s never going to change. Some people might call you immature, but you just prefer to keep it lighthearted. Life is hard enough — why not have socks that make you smile?

The Classic White

In your opinion, there’s no sense messing with a good thing. You’ve never liked change, and besides, there’s a reason they say classics never go out of style.

However, regardless of what your sock print might be saying about you, here’s one thing we know for sure: socks should bring you joy. Wear what you like and like what you wear.


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