What Goes Into the Making of Best Military Boot Socks - FITS®

March 31, 2022

For those who want the best military-grade socks, it is important to know what goes into the making of them. There are many factors that contribute to the caliber of a sock, from the material to the construction to the thickness and more. At FITS, we know the key elements of top-quality military boot socks for service members. By understanding what goes into making these socks, you can be sure to find a pair that will serve you well in any situation. 

How to Choose the Best Military Boot Socks

As a service member, you need military boot socks that help you feel and perform your best, regardless of the task. That’s why we worked directly with US Special Forces elite operators to develop our collection of tactical socks. The best military boot socks eliminate all sock-related problems and provide four key elements that lead to a durable sock with the perfect fit.

1. Superfine Merino Wool

When it comes to a military-grade boot sock, you must ditch the 100% cotton material. It simply isn’t durable or comfortable enough for the job. You need socks made with superfine merino wool, which has natural moisture-wicking properties to avoid sweaty, wet feet. This also minimizes the chances of bacteria growth in your socks and keeps your feet fresh all day long. 

2. Heel Lock 

The last thing you need is for your military boot socks to slip down into your boots or rub your feet the wrong way, causing blisters. That’s why an essential component of any military sock is intentional heel construction. FITS patented Heel Lock® technology secures your socks, so they don’t slip or rub, ensuring all-day comfort when it matters the most. Deep heel pockets reinforce the sock for durability while preventing blisters. 

3. Dynamic Toe Cup

Although your military boot socks should snugly fit your feet, you also need room for your toes to breathe without the material bunching. FITS patented Dynamic Toe Cup® contours to the shape of your foot, so it feels like the sock was constructed for you. The flexibility in the material allows for the perfect amount of stretch to give your toes room to breathe without your sock bunching in your boot.

4. Varying Thicknesses, Heights, and Designs

Not everyone likes the same type of sock. Some people prefer thin, low-rise options, while others want the thickest, tallest sock on the market. That’s why three essential elements of making the best military boot socks are thickness, height, and design. 

At FITS, our tactical socks come in five heights, from no-show to knee-high. Each pair of socks also has a unique material makeup and varying thickness, from the Tactical PT - Low socks to the Heavy Expedition - OCT socks. Choose from a variety of colors and designs to find your favorite pair of military socks from FITS.

You Deserve Only the Best Military Boot Socks

With regard to a service member’s military uniform, boots and socks are two of the most important pieces of gear a soldier can have. There’s no shortage of options when it comes to finding military boot socks, but not all military-grade socks are created equal. At FITS, we’re proud to offer premium military boot socks. With a focus on quality, durability, and comfort, we strive to produce some of the best socks on the market today. If you’re looking for a pair of socks that will keep your feet warm and comfortable all day long, look no further than FITS. Shop our collection of tactical socks today and experience the difference firsthand.