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FITS® Full Contact Fit®...The Perfect Fit

We want to be the only socks in your sock drawer. At FITS® we’re building socks for every aspect of your life utilizing innovative technology, premium materials and our unmatchable, patented, Full Contact® System:

Full Contact Cuff®
Dynamic Toe Cup®
Heel Lock®

Superior Materials

FITS® are made with superior fibers to ensure the perfect fit and maximum performance and comfort.

Merino Wool is a naturally anti-microbial, moisture wicking, fire-resistant fiber; truly one of nature’s most superior and versatile fibers.

How can you beat natural Merino wool? You can’t… but you can get pretty close if you try hard. FITS® Omega Performance Yarn™ is a blend of complementary deniers of yarn designed to move moisture, breathe in any condition and stay dry doing it. Try a pair constructed of FITS® Omega Performance Yarn™ and see if you don’t agree that this is the best synthetic sock you have ever had on your feet.