Casual (Multi-Color Brick) - Crew

Size Guide

How can you beat natural Merino wool? You can’t…but you can get pretty close if you try hard enough. FITS® Omega Performance Yarn is a blend of complementary thicknesses of yarn that together are engineered to move moisture, breathe in any condition and stay dry doing it.

A fun pattern in six color combinations. If you enjoy making a statement, try these and see if you don’t agree with us.

  • Our patented Full Contact Fit® hugs the contours of your foot and stays put so there are no loose socks to constantly have to pull up.
  • Mild compression around the foot and leg for an invigorating feeling.
  • Toe and heel cushioning.
  • Crew comes just below the calf.
    Omega Performance Yarn 71%
    Nylon 27%
    Lycra 2%



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    Woodbine / Custard
    Black / Scuba Blue

    Finding your perfect fit is an important part of what makes FITS® so unique. Our Full Contact Fit® provides a sculpted sock that perfectly conforms to your foot, regardless of its size or shape. Don’t worry- if you’re torn between two FITS® sizes, your socks will still fit. Remember, we want you to have YOUR perfect fit. If you’re not completely satisfied, let us know - we’ll replace that pair for your preferred size. Give it a shot - you won’t be disappointed!