Finding Your Fit as a Cyclist - FITS®

December 20, 2018

When it comes to biking (or cycling), there are specific socks that work well depending on where, what, and when you ride. Recently, we had the chance to peddle around with Nick D’Allesandro, and chat more in depth about all things cycling! Nick is an avid biker and owner of D’Allesandro’s Pizza in Charleston, SC, which has been open for over 13 years!  

mountain biker looking up

FITS: Nick, how did you get involved in cycling after starting off your career in the hospitality industry?

Nick: I got my start in cycling when two of my employees invited me out for a ride on Isle of Palms (on the coast of Charleston, SC). I had ridden a lot on my own but never with a group, so I really didn't know what to expect with these guys. As we started to ride, they kept trying to leave me in the dust as often as they could, and for some reason the thrill of trying to keep up and always improve got me hooked on cycling.

FITS: What do you look for in a pair of socks when you’re mountain biking versus when you’re on a road bike?

Nick: Whether I’m on a flat road in the city or a rough trail in the mountains, the most important quality of a sock is that it fits snug to my feet and doesn’t sag or lose its form. In the summer I prefer thin socks that are durable, like the Light Performance Trail sock or any of the socks in the Light Hiker series. In the winter, I prefer a thicker sock, like the Performance Trail or the Medium Hiker. Regardless, the snug fit is key though because too much sock can cause major discomfort.

FITS: Which type of biking do you prefer?

Nick: I really don’t have a preference of one or the other, I really just enjoy whatever is most available at the moment. When I’m at home in Charleston, it's so easy to ride from my house to work, or even go for a casual ride on my road bike. When I'm in Greenville, SC, I prefer riding my mountain bike or gravel bike on a trail with some dirt.  

FITS: When you tried on FITS socks for the first time, what was your impression?

Nick: My initial impression after trying them on was how comfortable they were and how well they formed to my foot. They felt like they were really well made. I like that the socks have a simple design, because that communicates to me that FITS really puts their energy into the quality of the sock and how they feel on your feet.

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