Wool Sock Pack | Save Big & Buy 3 & 6 Packs | FITS®

It’s never been easier to purchase the best fitting, most comfortable feeling socks ever made with FITS socks technology. With many options, you can find a wool sock pack perfect for you. FITS® socks come in a full range of styles and colors, now available in a wool socks 3 pack and a merino wool socks 6 pack.


Wool Socks 3 Pack

Invisible Sock 3 Pack

FITS® invisible socks feature a seamless, one-piece construction that keeps the sock locked in place without being seen. This wool sock pack is available in white, grey, and black.


Ultra Light Runner - No Show 3 Pack

FITS® no show socks feature our patented Full Contact Fit® that hugs the contours to your foot and stays put, so there are no loose socks to rub your feet the wrong way. For those who want the lightest running socks for men but still want super fine merino wool, grab a grey or black wool socks 3 pack and save! 


15-20 mmHg Cushioned Compression (Nylon) - OTC 3 Pack

FITS® compression socks work by applying the perfect amount of pressure to your legs, supplying oxygen-rich blood through the body and back to the heart. FITS® collaborated with Board Certified medical professionals to determine the appropriate compression gradients within our socks so that they contour to the shape of your legs. Get a wool sock pack with three pairs of compression socks today. 


Merino Wool Socks 6 Pack

Invisible Sock 6 Pack

FITS® invisible socks feature a dynamic toe box that allows your toes to move freely without tugging at the rest of the sock, while a smooth top offers maximum comfort. This wool sock pack is available in white, grey, and black.


Light Hiker - Crew 6 Pack

Save on our most popular mens hiking socks. The Light Hiker - Crew merino wool socks 6 pack comes complete with our most popular coal and black color options. The Light Hiker sock style features advanced cushioning support in key zones of the sock and delivers premium comfort.


Business 6 Pack

FITS® business socks are very comfortable and breathable, perfect for a long day at the office or a business trip. Add some modern style to your business sock drawer with this merino wool socks 6 pack. These socks manage moisture and look and feel great all day long.


Work and Workout 6 Pack

An excellent choice for avid gym-goers who squeeze in their workout sessions after work or on their lunch break, this merino wool socks 6 pack comes complete with two of our most popular styles and colors. 


FITS® All-Time Best Sellers 6 Pack

The most highly requested wool sock pack is here. We've pulled together FITS® best sellers in their most purchased colors just for you. This pack includes the Medium Hiker - Crew in Coal, the Light Hiker - Crew in Coal, the Business - Crew in Black, the Light Runner - Low in Black, the Light Hiker - Quarter in Coal, and finally, the Casual Crew in Black. Save up to 15% when you buy in bulk with our new FITS® merino wool socks 6 pack!