Women's Cycling Socks | Ultra Comfortable | FITS®

Regardless of the type of cycling you enjoy, FITS® has the best women’s cycling socks to keep you in the saddle and smashing those miles. We offer a wide variety of  women’s cycling socks in various heights and cushioning options, along with many designs and colors so that you can find your perfect pair. 


Women’s Cycling Socks for Your Next Ride

FITS® knows the demands of its athletes and has provided a solution. The solution is the best fitting, most comfortable feeling socks ever made. FITS® uses a much higher quality merino wool than anyone else in the market when crafting our women’s cycling socks. 


A popular sock choice for our female cyclists is the Light Hiker - Crew. This sock style features our patented Full Contact Fit® that hugs the contours to your foot and stays put, leaving you with a women’s cycling sock that won’t loosen its grip or rub your feet the wrong way. The Light Hiker also has a higher comfort level and elevated durability where it matters most. Logging miles on the bike is most enjoyable when you have cushioning underfoot to take the wear of an all-day ride. 


For those that want a shorter pair of socks with all the same benefits, the Light Hiker - Quarter is an ideal choice. Crafted with premium merino wool that's super soft and durable, this pair of women’s cycling socks is also moisture-wicking and anti-microbial. A cycling sock that keeps your feet warm during the winter and cool in the summer is a must-have for all cyclists. The FITS® quarter length sock is one of the most outstanding women’s cycling socks because it can do it all. 


FITS® Women’s Cycling Socks Made in the USA

The FITS® team is composed of third and fourth generation textile manufacturers who are experts in their field and strive to deliver the best fitting sock that’s ever been made. No more ill-fitting socks that bunch and fall down while you’re on your bike. We believe women’s cycling socks should be supportive, comfortable, and never problematic. Using the highest quality materials and an innovative engineering process, FITS® has done just that. 


We use 18.5 micron in a majority of the sock and 23.5 micron for durability in the heel and toe to provide a more comfortable fit. Plus, our Dynamic Toe Cup® conforms to the unique shape of your toes for zero bunching. This allows you to focus on the path ahead of you instead of worrying about your socks. All of our socks stay in place, allowing for better performance and unrivaled comfort. 


All of our women’s cycling socks are made in the USA, and the Performance Trail (Olympic) - Quarter is an excellent way for you to show your patriotism. We created this unique star-spangled banner design per the request of our supporters. This style also features a high cuff, which acts as a built-in screen-guard that helps keep out the trail when you've gone off the beaten path. We’re proud to serve our supporters and offer the best sock choice for cyclists right here in the USA.