Women's Moisture Wicking Socks | Cozy Socks | FITS®

FITS® casual and dress socks are crafted to be the best fitting, most comfortable feeling socks ever made. Whether you’re shopping specifically for women's moisture wicking socks or just looking for cozy socks for women, it’s never been easier to find the perfect pair of casual socks for women.


Women's Moisture Wicking Socks for Temperature Control

The perfect pair of women's moisture wicking socks will keep your feet warm in the cold winter months and cool during the dog days of summer. When it comes to creating the best fitting merino wool socks, we leave nothing to chance. FITS® women's moisture wicking socks are woven with the highest quality super fine merino wool, resulting in the most comfortable feeling sock ever made. Our women's moisture wicking socks are naturally soft and durable, featuring our patented Full Contact Fit® to keep your socks in place, which eliminates the constant pull-up struggle.


Life is too short to be stopped, or even slowed down, by problematic wet and soggy socks. FITS® women's moisture wicking socks regulate temperature and transfer moisture away to keep your feet dry. Whether on a highly anticipated vacation or strolling through the local farmers market, you reserve the right not to worry about your feet. 


The Women's Casual (Gradient Stripe) Crew is the perfect pair of women's moisture wicking socks for everyday wear. Built with premium merino wool, this sock is both temperature-regulating and anti-microbial.


For those looking for a pair of casual socks for women with everyday comfort and durability, look no further than our Women’s Casual (Aztec) Crew. The Aztec pattern adds some flare to our crew sock collection, and the comfort is sure to impress and leave your foot asking for more.


Cozy Socks for Women with Supreme Comfort

Cozy socks for women come in a wide variety of styles, designs, and colors, and FITS® provides comfort and durability in every pair.


Women’s Casual and Dress: Invisible Cozy Socks for Women

The FITS® Invisible Sock is an excellent choice when you wear your favorite low-top sneakers or just want to wear less sock. This style offers a seamless, one-piece construction that keeps the sock locked in place without being seen. The Invisible Sock provides a dynamic toe box that allows your toes to move freely. They don't tug at the rest of the sock, and the smooth top offers maximum comfort. Plus, these cozy socks for women are available in a 3-Pack and 6-Pack.


Women’s Casual and Dress: Crew Cozy Socks for Women

Who is not interested in some extra comfort? Our casual crew is cushioned throughout the toe, heel, and arch to provide the all-day comfort your feet deserve. The mild compression around the foot and leg offers an invigorating feel, making it the perfect cozy sock for women. The casual crew is offered in five basic colors designed to be worn every day.


Whether looking for cozy socks for women or casual socks for women, FITS® has the perfect pair of socks for you.