Merino Wool Ski Socks for Men | FITS®

Available in a wide variety of heights, cushioning, colors, and styles, our men’s ski socks are ready for skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, and any other snow-fun activity you can imagine. Wrap your feet in the finest merino wool fibers for luxurious comfort while keeping them warm and dry all day long. Don't know which size to order? Check out our sock size chart to determine the right size for you.


Men’s Ski Socks for the Slopes or Lodge

Whether you’re headed uphill, downhill, or enjoying your favorite hot beverage in the ski lodge, FITS® men’s ski socks can handle the harshest of snowstorms and hours of relaxing fireside sipping hot cocoa. When it comes to men’s merino wool ski socks, we use a much higher quality merino wool than anyone else in the market. Our Omega Performance Yarn is designed with a custom blend of high-quality, man-made fibers and provides the best breathability and fit for our men’s ski socks. Due to the super-fine merino wool we use, your men’s ski socks are not only durable but antimicrobial and odor-resistant as well.


Each pair of FITS® men’s ski socks is designed with our patented Full Contact Fit®, so your socks will stay in place all day long. If that sounds great to you, check out our Medium Nordic Crew. For those who want the same best fitting, best feeling men’s ski socks with a lighter cushioning, check out the Ultra Light Nordic Crew, made with super-fine merino wool for ultimate temperature regulation and moisture management on the slopes or in the lodge.


Men’s Merino Ski Socks are Built for Snow

FITS® men’s merino wool ski socks are crafted with 18.5 micron in the majority of the sock and 23.5 micron for durability in the heel and toe. This helps provide a better fit and a higher level of comfort and elevated durability where it matters most.


Serious snow calls for a serious solution. That's why we use moisture temperature regulating and moisture-wicking properties in all of our men’s ski socks. FITS® men’s merino ski socks are tough enough to fight the coldest of winters and still provide you with a perfect level of cushioning, breathability, stretch, and comfort for any snowsport or cabin floor. It's no wonder that the Light Ski (Sierra) - OTC is one of our best-selling men’s merino wool ski socks. With cushioning located in the toe box, shin, and heel, it is ideal for the skier looking for a high-performance ski sock with a bit of extra padding in all the right places. Merino wool’s natural properties keep germs and sweat away and stink out, which is excellent for when you get off the slopes and want to relax while still wearing your perfect-fitting men’s merino ski socks.


A significant detail that makes all of our skiers happy is FITS® gradient compression. We use this technology in each pair of ski socks. Skiers love it because it boosts blood flow and keeps your socks from disappearing into your boots. Ready to hit the slopes? Shop all of our men’s merino wool ski socks today!


Men’s Ski Socks FAQ

What Socks to Wear Under Ski Boots?

When it comes to what socks to wear under ski boots, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, make sure your socks are made of breathable material. You don't want them to be too thick and cause your feet to sweat or too thin and cause cold feet or blisters. Second, choose a sock that extends above your ski boots (over-the-calf socks work well). No one likes when their socks slip down into their boots. Finally, make sure your socks fit well. You don't want them to be too big or too small and cause discomfort while skiing.

What are Ski Socks?

Ski socks are a type of sock specifically designed for wear while skiing. They are typically made from a thick, warm fabric such as merino wool and often have unique features like reinforced toes and heels, moisture-wicking properties, and extra cushioning. No matter what type of skiing you plan to do, ski socks can help make your experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

Are Ski Socks Worth It?

If you're serious about skiing and want to ensure your feet are comfortable and protected from the elements, then yes–ski socks are worth it. Ski socks are an important part of a skier's wardrobe because they are made with moisture-wicking properties that help keep feet warm and dry, preventing blisters and other problems. If you want to avoid your socks slipping into your boots or your feet getting too cold for comfort, men’s ski socks are an excellent investment.  

Are Wool Socks Good for Skiing?

Yes, wool is an ideal material for ski socks because it is warm, soft, and breathable. It also can wick away moisture, keeping your feet dry and comfortable. In addition, wool socks are less likely to cause blisters than socks made from other materials. 

Are Ski Socks Compression Socks?

Ski socks and compression socks might look similar, but they serve different purposes. Ski socks are designed to keep your feet warm and dry while on the slopes. They're usually made from a thick, moisture-wicking material and often have extra padding in the toes and heels to help prevent blisters. In contrast, compression socks are primarily used for recovery to help increase blood flow and reduce swelling. 

Are Compression Socks Good for Skiing?

Compression socks are designed to improve blood circulation and prevent swelling. They can also help reduce muscle fatigue, making them ideal for skiing. Before wearing compression socks for skiing, you’ll want to ensure they’re thick and warm enough to protect your feet from the elements. Merino wool compression socks are an excellent choice if you’re looking for extra comfort for your feet and legs during a day on the slopes.