Wool Hiking Socks for Women - Merino Wool | FITS®

Hiking is wonderful. Having your hike ruined by a pair of ill-fitting socks is not. Fortunately for you, FITS® hiking socks for women are made with the highest quality merino wool, which offers both comfort and durability to keep you on the trail where you belong.


Hiking Socks for Women No Matter the Path

Whether day hiking your favorite local trail or thru-hiking the PCT, FITS® women's wool hiking socks are a necessity for your next hike. And there are many options to choose from.


The Micro Light Performance Trail - Quarter is the perfect sock for every hike. These hiking socks for women feature a high cuff that acts as a built-in screen-guard to keep dirt and rocks out of your socks and shoes. 


The Light Hiker style is our most popular when it comes to hiking socks for women. The Light Hiker Mini Crew is an excellent choice for weekenders doing overnight hikes. This sock uses our patented Full Contact Fit® that hugs and contours to your foot and stays put, enabling you to hike as long as you want without dealing with loose socks that could cut your trip short.


The Medium Hiker (striped) Crew women's wool hiking sock is for those who like a little more cushioning all around their feet but don’t want a heavy sock. Serious adventurers know that not all women’s merino wool hiking socks are created equal, and this sock has been the go-to for hikers everywhere.


The Heavy Expedition - OTC is the ultimate pair of women's wool hiking socks. It is the perfect cold-weather sock for those who do not let the elements deter them from their hiking aspirations. These women’s merino wool hiking socks are loaded with 100% merino wool on the inside, keeping your feet comfortable, warm, and dry throughout your hike.


Women's Wool Hiking Socks with Unrivaled Comfort

FITS® women's wool hiking socks provide the ultimate in comfort and performance no matter the trail. We use the highest quality merino wool, woven with 18.5 micron in a majority of the sock and 23.5 micron for durability in the heel and toe. This provides a better fit, a higher comfort level, and elevated durability where it matters most. 


FITS® Omega Performance Yarn is our custom blend of man-made fibers selected for the best breathability and fit in every pair of our women's wool hiking socks. Whether you’re headed to a peaceful meadow or a breathtaking mountain top, FITS® wants to help you get there in our hiking socks for women. 


Our women’s merino wool hiking socks come in a full range of styles for every type of hike. Each pair is crafted with our Full Contact Fit® that assures your socks stay in place to improve performance and deliver unrivaled comfort. Plus, FITS® women's wool hiking socks are built of natural and synthetic fibers, providing the perfect level of cushioning, breathability, stretch, and comfort for every foot and every activity. The result is the most comfortable hiking socks for women you’ll ever wear.




The Perfect Fit Starts With the Right Size.

Your sock size shouldn’t be a guessing game. Our socks range from small to double XL, but the best way to know the perfect fit for you is to match your shoe size to the chart on the left. That way, you’ll know the size you select will give you the fit and feel you expect.

Between sizes? Go with your gut, but rest assured that your socks will still fit great. If you receive your order and find yourself wishing you’d gone up or down a size, just let us know. We’ll happily send you replacements for your preferred size.

Concerned about laundry mix-ups? All FITS® socks are coordinated by color and size, based on the colors you see on the size chart. So, you won’t have to worry about mixing up your sizes with the other FITS® wearers in your home. (But stray socks mysteriously going missing in the dryer? Unfortunately, we can’t help with that.)

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