6 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day - FITS®

April 02, 2020

Earth Day is this month and we love finding fun and unique ways to celebrate our favorite planet. The Great Outdoors gives us so many wonderful opportunities to experience beauty and appreciate the amazing playground Mother Nature provides. Here are six ways you can enjoy and support the Earth on its special day.

Commit to a sustainability practice

Whether it’s swapping out all of your current lightbulbs for environmentally friendly versions, taking reusable bags to the grocery store or revamping your recycling practice, Earth Day is a great time to adopt a new sustainability practice to continue all year long. 

Go for a hike

There’s no better combination than fresh air, beautiful scenery and a heart-pumping workout. Hiking gives you the unique ability to do all three while appreciating everything nature has to offer. Just make sure you wear the right gear to avoid blisters. 

Plant something

Whether you have a thriving garden to tend to or have never managed to keep a potted plant alive, Earth Day is the perfect excuse to flex your green thumb. As a bonus, planting something for Earth Day makes a great activity to do with your kids. They’ll enjoy watering and watching their newly planted flowers, herbs or vegetables grow over time. 

Jump in puddles

Celebrating the planet doesn’t necessarily require sunshine. Channel your inner child, put on some rainboots and go stomp through some puddles. We promise you’ll be smiling by the end. 

Choose to Walk

If there’s a route you usually drive that is easily walkable, leave your car at home and travel by foot for the day. Too far to walk? Consider biking. Switching up your commute is great for your health and that of the planet. 

Take your workout outside

Don’t waste time inside a gym or studio when the entire outdoors can be your fitness class. Take your yoga mat into the backyard or visit a playground and use the equipment for a DIY circuit workout.

Here’s the good news: if you enjoy your Earth Day celebration, it’s something you can easily continue — not just for a special occasion! After all, we could all stand to spend some more time outdoors and practice sustainability. 

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