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About Hop On A Cure

Hop On A Cure Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)3 committed to supporting research to prevent, reverse, and cure ALS while raising awareness, building a compassionate community, and unleashing the healing power of hope.

ALS was once an uncommon disease. It now affects 1 out of 300 people, and as the population ages, its occurrence is increasing. The worldwide number of people living with ALS is expected to rise more than 40% in the next decade. For all of these reasons and more, there is an urgent need to move fast to find ALS therapies that stop and reverse its debilitating effects.

Meet Hop

John Driskell Hopkins (Hop) was diagnosed with ALS in December of 2021 and immediately went into action by creating Hop On A Cure Foundation, Inc. Hopkins is most well known as a founding member, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter of the GRAMMY Award-winning Zac Brown Band.

When he’s not touring, Hopkins works out of his Brighter Shade Studios songwriting and producing a growing crop of talent. Hopkins shares his life, on and off the road, with his amazing wife and three beautiful daughters.