Men's Merino Wool Socks | FITS®

Look no further for the perfect pair of merino wool socks. At FITS®, we use the finest materials available to deliver the best fitting, most comfortable feeling sock ever. Made in the USA with four generations of textile manufacturers under our belts, we perfectly weave together the highest quality materials with an innovative process resulting in our signature best fitting, best feeling men’s wool socks. Built with our Full Contact Fit® and super-fine wool, our merino wool socks keep you dry and adjust to your every movement for worry-free comfort and performance mile after mile.

Men’s Wool Socks for Any Occasion

Whether logging miles on your favorite trails or sitting fireside at your backwoods cabin retreat, FITS® men’s wool socks have both you and your feet covered. With a variety of designs and colors for any occasion, our men’s merino wool socks provide the perfect fit for optimal comfort. Each pair of socks features full-foot cushioning for warmth and protection and are both stylish and functional. They are supportive, comfortable, and never problematic, creating a merino wool sock you can rely on.


FITS® merino wool socks have you covered regardless of the adventure or occasion. For example, our smart cushioning provides extra padding in active zones of the toes, arch, and heel. Whereas the majority of the sock has 18.5 micron, the heel and toe have 23.5 micron. This is ideal for runners looking for the perfect running merino wool sock that is up for pavement-pounding performance. With a wide selection of styles and colors, there is something for everyone. Regardless of which pair of socks you choose, FITS® moisture-wicking material is designed with stay-dry breathability and performance for a superior fit. Check out our collection of men’s merino wool socks for the best fitting, best feeling wool socks available.

Comfort Meets Function and Durability

FITS® men’s merino wool socks are made from the highest quality merino wool. This provides a better fit and a higher level of comfort and elevated durability in each and every pair of socks. FITS® understands that a sock needs to do much more than cover your feet, regardless of your lifestyle or favorite activities. 


Although a small part of a person's wardrobe, socks have a significant impact. Having an excellent pair of merino wool socks can be a game-changer. We create a perfect fitting sock that does not cause any discomfort or distractions. FITS® patented Full Contact Fit® conforms to the shape of your foot for a truly personalized pair of socks. Plus, all of our socks are made with odor-resistant and antimicrobial material, whether you choose a pair from our selection of men's casual and dress socks or men’s merino wool hiking socks. FITS® delivers excellent socks that are both comfortable enough to wear every day and durable enough for the most treacherous outdoor conditions. Get your hands on a pair, and shop our full selection of men’s wool socks today! Don't know which size to order? Check out our sock size chart to determine the right size for you.

Are wool socks good for your feet?

Wearing wool socks for a day is all you need to do to understand the difference that this breathable, durable material makes. 


Merino wool socks are naturally odor-resistant thanks to antimicrobial properties, meaning the wool used in our men’s socks inhibits the growth of microorganisms that can lead to odor and other issues. Think about it: sheep would have a hard time if their wool wasn’t designed to withstand the effects of moisture and heat. 


Compared to other fibers, wool also takes the cake for breathability and sweat-wicking ability. Unlike cotton which holds in moisture that can lead to fungus and other issues, wool socks are not only great at pulling moisture away from your feet, but they also dry much more quickly than cotton. 


Finally, unlike synthetic socks that lack breathability and can even trap sweat and odor between the fibers, wool socks allow your feet to breathe, keeping them dryer and more comfortable throughout the day. 

What socks make your feet stink?

We all know that certain socks leave our feet a little less than fresh. Most often, this comes down to the material the socks are made of. Materials that are not breathable, are slow to dry, or that do not wick moisture away from the skin can leave you with an unfortunate stench.


When it comes to men’s socks, it’s best to look for socks that are primarily made of natural fibers like our merino wool socks. 


Cotton tends to retain moisture and heat, while socks that are mostly made of synthetic fibers lack breathability. Instead, look for socks that are a blend of merino wool which offers breathability and antimicrobial odor resistance, as well as smaller amounts of synthetic materials like nylon which can offer extra durability in high-impact zones.

Are wool socks itchy?

You’ve likely had the unfortunate experience of wearing an itchy wool sweater and are wondering why anyone would possibly wear wool socks. Thankfully, not all wool is created equal! 


Depending on how wool is processed, it can either become an itchy nuisance or be one of the softest things you’ve ever worn. 


So concerned that your wool socks from FITS® will leave your feet itching? Don’t be. Our socks are made with super fine merino wool that is soft, pliable, breathable, and anything but itchy.