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Home Town:Minneapolis, MN
Residence: Minneapolis, MN -> Bozeman, MT -> On the road
Occupation: Photographer
Professional Website:
Additional Website:, which is following myself and some friends spending a year driving down to South America.

Bio:Aidan grew up in Minnesota, but traded mosquitos for mountains and moved out to Bozeman, Montana for college. After a few years of school with some good stints of travel peppered in, he graduated with a degree in film, a minor in photography, and his heart set on seeing as much of the world as possible. For most of the time since, he’s been living on the road, feeling out adventures like driving down to South America in an old VW van (which doubles as his home/office) and working for Backpacker Magazine and Subaru on a nine month project photographing and filming the US National Parks. After four blown engines, countless border crossings, thousands and thousands of miles driven, not enough showers and a few hard drives full of photos, he’s become fully hooked on the perpetual motion of life on the road, and all the stories that come with it.
 fits ambassador aidan lynn-klimenko in SA on a bus traveling
fits ambassador aidan lynn-klimenko jumping off rock into lake on hiking trip
fits ambassador aidan lynn-klimenko's van
fits ambassador aidan lynn-klimenko driving his van
fits ambassador aidan lynn-klimenko camping outside his van



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