How to Pick the Right Running Socks - FITS®

April 09, 2020

Running socks for men and women are an important part of your training regimen. Without the right running socks, you increase your risk of blisters or discomfort during your run, making you more likely to cut your route short on a training run or — worse —not perform as well during a race. You deserve to focus on your run without worrying about your socks. But how do you know which running socks are right for you?

Of course, personal preference plays a big role here. So, while we can’t tell you exactly which running sock is the right choice for you, we can give you a breakdown on the benefits and advantages of each particular type.

Let’s start with weight. We have three carefully constructed weights to choose from: 

  • Light
  • Micro Light
  • Ultra Light

While all of these options aim to prevent blisters with optimal breathability and moisture-wicking materials, the support they offer is slightly different.

Our light running socks offer the most support, so they make a great choice for longer distances where you want more cushioning. Make no mistake: these socks are anything but heavy; however, they are the “thickest” of the three options.    

Our micro light running socks are the perfect happy medium: not as thick as the light, but still offering some support. The cushioning is subtle, but still there. 

Our ultra light running socks are the lightest fit, designed to feel nearly-invisible on your feet. The flat knit design promises zero bulk and there’s no footbed cushioning. 

So, which sock is right for you? Well, many runners find a variety nice to have on hand to suit different run lengths and outside temperatures. Others find themselves loyal to a particular weight and don’t like switching it up. 

Beyond weight, there’s also length to consider. With no show, low, mini-crew and quarter lengths to choose from, you can find a running sock to suit every shoe and workout outfit you have. 

Ultimately, the choice is yours. When in doubt, try them out and find your favorite(s). 

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