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Hear how Cammeron Evans gears up to seize the moment even if it means facing the rain.

He and his friends make the most of their home in Washington State and travel from the streets of Seattle up to the Navaho Peak.

navaho pass
Clouds rolling in for the storm to come in the evening over Navaho Peak.

The Spring season can be very unpredictable, especially if you are in the Pacific Northwest. The weather forecast is typically going to be a very loose idea of what could happen, definitely not something to be relied upon. That being said, it can also be one of the most exciting times of the year to adventure. I am lucky enough to call Washington State my home and it has an abundance of diverse landscapes and weather patterns.

This time of year, I begin planning trips in terms of their elevation and hazards with snow.

fits ambassador cameron evans on peak

As my weekend approaches I begin to scour the National Weather Service in search of optimistic forecasts. Optimistic is all I hope for. Prepare for the worst with your equipment, and hope for the best in your head. My favorite trip from last spring was a trip to Navaho Pass. This was a trip where we set out knowing that the forecast called for small chances of rain and in the end we experienced the good and the bad. A perfect example of why you should get out and seize the moment this time of year.

After leaving Seattle around 6am we were very tired and decided that this would do for a home base. I rarely get decent rest before a trip and this was a great spot to grab a nap before we all marched up to the summit above.

This breathtaking peak is Mt. Stuart, head of the Stuart Range and home to the Enchantments Wilderness. We were yet to see any rain, but we could see the clouds rolling in over Navaho Peak. When the storm hit, it was extremely windy with no protection to hide. Preparing to hunker down for the evening, my partner slept through the massive windstorm that night while Trace and I tried to get some rest. We could hear giant gusts from miles away before crashing into the tent walls. Ah, the ups and downs of spring.

camping in rockies with fits
Trace soaking up the last bit of evening from camp.




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