Michele Milner: Boston Marathon Brand Ambassador | FITS®

April 08, 2019

Michele Milner is a registered nurse and runner in Charleston, SC, about to embark on her second Boston Marathon! We couldn’t be more excited to cheer her on and watch her rock her FITS running socks all the way to the finish line.

Here’s a little more about Michele and her running story.

Tell us a little about your history and experience as a runner: 

Running has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I ran my first race at four years old and haven’t stopped running or racing since. I started running competitively in 7th grade for Aiken High School and went on to run cross-country and track at Gardner-Webb University. Since college, I have continued racing distances from 5k-100 miles, competed in triathlons and adventure races. I ran the Boston Marathon in 2011 and competed in the Ironman World Championships in 2015. 

What are your goals for Boston? 

My goals for Boston are to enjoy the experience and have fun exploring the city. I would like to run under 3:20. Anything better than 3:17 would be a PR, so I would be very happy if I ran 3:16 or faster!  

How has training gone so far? 

It has been a while since I have had structure with running and followed a training plan, so I have enjoyed being disciplined and goal-oriented. I have had a nagging foot/ankle pain from an old sprain, which has prevented me from running the mileage I wanted, but other than that training has gone well! 

As a runner, how important is it for you to have the "right" gear?

Having the right gear is extremely important for injury prevention. I have go-to gear that has worked for me for many years. I know what works and try not to change things up unless necessary.

Do you have any race superstitions or rituals that you follow? 

My rule of thumb is to never try anything new on race day. I try to eat at least three hours prior and then sip on water until about an hour before the race. I don’t like to feel water or food sitting heavy in my stomach while I’m running.

What does running the Boston Marathon mean to you? 

It is a privilege and honor to run the Boston Marathon. I first experienced the race as a spectator in 1996 watching my dad compete in the 100th running. We rode the train as a family from South Carolina to Boston, and it is one of my favorite childhood memories. I spectated again in 2008 while visiting a college friend who was at grad school at Boston University and then ran in 2011. The Boston marathon is a celebration of running, and I am excited to be racing in 2019! 

Good luck, Michele! We’ll be cheering you on from afar. 


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Your sock size shouldn’t be a guessing game. Our socks range from small to double XL, but the best way to know the perfect fit for you is to match your shoe size to the chart on the left. That way, you’ll know the size you select will give you the fit and feel you expect.

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How Do You Determine Sock Size?

Sock sizes are typically measured in inches, not by your shoe size. So, a sock size 6-8 will comfortably fit someone whose feet are between six and eight inches long. However, at FITS®, we make it easy for you to choose the ideal sock size without having to measure your foot. Simply use our sock size conversion chart based on your shoe size to select the right fit for you. 

How Do You Measure Your Foot for Socks?

To measure your foot for socks, measure the length from the heel of your foot to the tip of your longest toe. The measurement in inches correlates to your sock size. For example, if your foot is 10 inches long, a sock size 9-11 should fit you comfortably. At FITS®, you can skip this step and find your sock size based on your shoe size using our conversion chart. 

What Is the Sock Size Conversion?

The sock size conversion refers to sock size compared to shoe size. While all companies may vary slightly on which size socks to purchase based on your shoe size, you can always measure your foot to find the right fit for you. 

What is Sock Size to Shoe Size?

Because sock sizes are determined by the length of your foot in inches vs. your shoe size, shoe and sock sizes differ. The FITS® sock size to shoe size conversion is as follows:

Knowing this makes it easy to choose the ideal sock size based on your shoe size without measuring your foot. 

What Age is Sock Size 9-12?

Sock sizes typically don’t correlate with age. For kids, age can be a general indicator of what size sock they’ll need, but everyone is different. An adult sock size 9-12 fits anyone whose feet are approximately nine to twelve inches long. For kids’ sock sizing, check with the company to find exact details to ensure your little one gets the perfect fit. 

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