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Here’s two words your don’t normally hear in the same sentence: “wool” and “summer.” This sounds like an oxymoron, but, with the right fabric and technology, wool and summer are the perfect combination.

Here’s a couple things you’ll need in a sock to make it through hot, summer activities, workouts, and outings:

f45 using FITS

Moisture Wicking

You may have heard this term thrown around in an “outdoor” conversation, but you’re probably still wondering, “what in the world does moisture wicking actually mean?” Without going too deep, and confusing you with the technicalities and science behind it, moisture wicking fabric essentially moves sweat quickly away from your skin to the outer portion of the fabric and dries quicker so your sock doesn’t get soaked or hold sweat. The truth is, you’re going to sweat a lot during the summer season, so it’s always good to wear a sock that’s on your side and will keep your covered skin as dry as possible. If you’re still interested in the science, check out the breakdown below.

Light, Breathable, and Durable

Most socks are generally only one of the three, but our “Runner” and “Performance” socks will always provide the comfort, durability, and breathability you need for your active use. One of the best aspects of these socks is that they are designed with specific ventilation points to help keep your foot as cool as possible on hot days. For those who like an even thinner sock, we have “Ultra Light” and “Micro Light” socks, which still hugs and forms onto your foot, and provides all the protection you need between your skin and the your shoes.

fits ultra light runners

So, whether you are traveling on the road this summer, running the trails, or cutting weight for your speed backpacking trip, you can’t go wrong with any of our super-fine merino “Runner” and “Performance” socks.



Finding your perfect fit is an important part of what makes FITS® so unique. Don’t worry- if you’re torn between two FITS® sizes, your socks will still fit. Remember, we want you to have YOUR perfect fit. If you’re not completely satisfied, let us know - we’ll replace that pair for your preferred size. Give it a shot - you won’t be disappointed!

Please use your shoe size to find the perfect fit for you! Also note that your shoe size will match the corresponding color in the toe seam.  For example, if you're a men's size 6-8 or a women's size 7.5-9.5, your toe seam will be blue.