When Were Socks Invented & Who Invented Socks? - FITS®

January 05, 2023

Wearing socks can often be overlooked; however, there is much more to this common clothing item than meets the eye. Not only are socks functional for keeping your feet warm and stylish for the ever-current sock fashion trend, but they also come in various materials with unique qualities. 

Cotton socks are breathable and help keep you cool in the summertime, while wool socks are perfect for colder temperatures as they insulate warmth. Similarly, athletic-wear socks are equipped with cushioning and arch support that makes staying comfortable while engaging in physical activities easier. 

As any seasoned sock aficionado would note, socks are one of the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe! But when were socks invented? Keep reading to learn who invented socks and when these cozy counterparts came to be. 

Who Invented Socks?

The invention of socks dates back centuries. Although they may not have been quite like the ones we wear today, the first sock-like garments were made from leather and matted animal hair and served a purpose similar to modern-day socks–to provide warmth and protection for the wearer's feet. 

But who invented socks? Who was the mastermind behind this modern-day staple? Those are hard questions to answer since it depends on which culture you are looking at. However, it’s most likely that Ancient Greeks and Romans used them along with sandals to keep their feet warm. While tracking who invented socks is difficult, we do know that socks have been around for a long time and have significantly evolved over the years. 

When Were Socks Invented?

The invention of socks is shrouded in mystery, but some theories have been put forward as to when people started wearing them. It's commonly accepted that socks were first invented between the 8th and 15th century BC, during a period of significant change for civilization, when early forms of knitting allowed for the production of fabrics like wool and linen. 

Similar to today, socks back then served both practical and decorative purposes; they'd help keep a person's feet warm during cold winter but also be a fashion statement and show off an individual's wealth. Today, the use of socks has spread everywhere around the world.

Why Were Socks Invented?

Socks are one of humankind's oldest inventions, first appearing as pieces of animal skin or fur used to protect the feet and legs. Over time, people began to realize that these simple foot coverings could also be used to make an outfit look stylish, eventually leading to the modern sock. 

Today, socks are widely accepted as an essential piece of clothing, offering both practical and fashionable benefits. In addition to preventing blisters and keeping our feet warm in the winter months, socks can help make any ensemble unique with a pair of funky printed knee-highs for a night out on the town or some low-cut ankle socks for work. Of course, we've come a long way since those prehistoric days, but one thing remains true: socks aren't just a small detail but an essential part of fashion and day-to-day life.

Socks In the Modern World

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