Your Biggest Compression Myths: Busted - FITS®

February 19, 2020

If you’ve never worn compression socks before, you may have some misconceptions about their purpose. In fact, you may even unknowingly believe several myths and inaccuracies about who should be wearing compressions socks and why. 

Well, pull up a chair — because we’re about to bust some myths. 

Myth #1: Only elderly people, pregnant people and people with medical reasons wear compression socks.

While it’s true that compression socks can have a medical purpose, their use isn’t limited to any one group of people. Since they are often prescribed to treat chronic vein disorders, like spider veins, varicose veins and edema, as well as chronic illnesses like diabetes, it’s understandable that this myth has been perpetuated.

However, the main purpose of compression socks is to improve circulation, which can be beneficial for a wide range of people and purposes. For instance, if you’re someone who sits for long periods of time, compression socks can help minimize your risk of blood clots. Many athletes also swear by compression socks during long cardiovascular workouts or to help with recovery. Check out some of our compression socks for men and compression socks for women.

Myth #2: Compression socks will cut off your circulation.

This is an easy myth to bust: if you’re wearing the right size compression socks, they won’t cut off your circulation. If you do find that your compression socks are tight enough to cut off your circulation, you definitely need to size up.

Myth #3: Compression socks are too hot to wear in the summer.

When made of the right breathable materials, compression socks can — and should! — be comfortably worn year-round. Hot weather can aggravate certain vein disorders, so summer is often the most important time to wear compression socks for some people. Regardless, if your compression socks are high quality and well-fitted, the temperature outside shouldn’t be a factor.

Myth #4: Compression socks are too hard to put on.

Compression socks aren’t like other socks, and because of this, they do need to be put on in a particular way. However, once you have the technique down, compression socks are just as easy to put on as other socks. For tips, watch the video on this page.

Myth #5: Compression socks are unattractive.

Maybe some compression socks are, but ours aren’t. In fact, when worn under clothing, most people wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between compression socks and non-compression socks. 

Whether to treat a vein disorder or other medical condition, support your fitness goals or give you extra comfort during a long day on your feet, compression socks can be beneficial for anyone and everyone. And that’s the truth.

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