In the Wild: Former Green Beret Puts Fits® to the Test in New Mexico - FITS®

May 24, 2016

Photo taken of Philip and his dog, Sig, by his expedition partner and son, Ryan on a recent trip in New Mexico. 

"I just put them to a pretty extreme test backpacking 31 miles across the Gila Wilderness in southwest New Mexico with only those two pair of socks for the entire journey. The socks performed flawlessly. I love the socks. I hiked in them dry and I hiked in them wet and I never got a blister. I made numerous river crossings, probably 50 or 60, as I hiked up the West Fork of the Gila River. I am a former Green Beret, an avid archery hunter/outdoorsman and I have tried everything, but I can honestly say these are the best socks that I have ever worn."

- Philip Fortenberry

Philip Fortenberry has represented every aspect of the Fits brand and lifestyle that most people with your average 9 to 5 only dream about. The former Green Beret in the US Army has been on more hunts, treks and expeditions than your average 55 year old, to say the least. Not only is Philip an avid outdoorsman, but he is also a mentor and friend to many young men who are growing up without a male role model, as Philip himself grew up without a father. He now uses his love for the outdoors to help young men stay on the right path who may be going through difficult experiences without a male presence in their life.

 "As far as my favorite trips; I love spending time with my son in the wilderness. We hike, archery hunt elk, bear, dear, cougar, and we also fly fish (usually small water). I also enjoy taking fatherless young men on great expeditions. I started this in 1998 and have taken 300 to 400 through the years. I feel like my whole life has prepared me to do that. I teach survival, rappel, hike, explore, fish and I also help them move beyond the pain of their past."

A few of Philip's most notable treks include:

  • 28 miles in the Uncompahgre Wilderness and summiting Uncompahgre Peak
  • Sierra Nevadas on snowshoes in January
  • Crossing the Flat Tops Wilderness in Colorado for an archery elk hunt
  • Mount Ranier in Washington
  • Aldo Leopold Wilderness in NM
  • Numerous crossings of the Gila Wilderness
  • Numerous White River National Forest archery elk hunts
  • Wheeler Peak in NM
  • Clearwater National Forest in Idaho
  • Beaver Creek Wildlife Study Area in Colorado

fits sock fan photo