5 Tips for Working Out With Kids - FITS®

September 09, 2019

Between everything you have to do on a daily basis, it’s easy for exercise to slip to the bottom of the list — especially when you have children. Luckily, you don’t have to wake up before the sun or miss out on spending time with your kids just to finish a workout. In fact, with a little creativity, you can incorporate meaningful exercise into quality time with your family. Not only can this help you stay in shape and multitask, but it sets a great example for your children as they grow up.

Here are our best five tips for how busy parents can workout with their kids:

Take a family walk

Getting out of the house and walking around the neighborhood together is a great way to add movement into your day and connect as a family. You could even take turns racing past certain houses or between trees to get your heart rate up. 

Jump around

Kids love jumping for the fun of it, but it’s actually a great cardiovascular exercise that engages a range of muscles. Hop around together on a big trampoline or take turns jumping rope. Your kids will think it’s a game, but trust us: you’ll feel the burn.


Putting on music and having a dance party is one of the sneakiest ways to fit in exercise — you’ll be having so much fun, you’ll hardly know you’re working out. Don’t be afraid to go big on your moves for an added calorie burn.

Make a challenge

If you’ve ever used the “I’ll time you,” trick to get your children to complete a task, you already know how much young ones love a good competition. Challenge them to a race around the block or a jumping jack competition — whatever type of activity you think your kids will enjoy.

Play a game

A round of backyard soccer, a game of dodgeball or shooting hoops are all great, fun ways to fit in activity and keep your kids entertained in the process. There’s no reason you should be on the sidelines. Join in to make some memories and get a great workout in the process.

Utilize the playground

Sure, playgrounds are designed for kids, but the equipment can easily double as a gym if you get creative. You can do chin-ups on the monkey bars, bench dips on a platform or lunges around the swingset.

With these tips, you can stay fit and never miss a moment. And what’s better than creating both memories and muscles at the same time?

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