5 Tips to Keep Your Feet Warm Skiing This Winter - FITS®

November 21, 2017

By Brian Gregg
Brian is a FITS® sponsored athlete, 2014 Olympian, and races for Team Gregg/Madshus/CXC out of Minneapolis, MN.

Snow is starting to accumulate, the air is crisp and you are excited to go skiing, but wait what about your feet? We know that cold feet can affect your sleep, but that's just one part of the problem. Here are some tips to keep you feeling the skis under your feet and a smile on your face.

plympic skier brian gregg

Tip #1: Proper Boot Fit
Our feet can swell in the cold and you don’t want any constriction of circulation. If you live in a super-cold climate you may want to consider getting boots that fit a bit large. At the very least make sure you try on your boots at your local shop with your ski socks on. I like my boots with plenty of room in the toe box. On cold days, leave your laces slightly looser than normal.

Tip #2: Remove Insoles
One trick for the random frigid day is to simply remove the insoles from your boots. This gives you just a bit more volume.

Tip #3: Warm Clean Socks
I choose a medium thick pair of merino wool socks, like these wool socks for men or these wool socks for women. If you choose too thick of a sock, you risk not having enough volume in your boot and reducing circulation. Make sure your socks are clean as that will mean the fibers can insulate and wick moisture best. I have found that my feet tend to sweat more in synthetic socks and when the sweat freezes it is bad news.

Tip #4: Chemical Toe Warmers and Over Boots
If space allows in your boots I am also a big fan of chemical toe warmers. Be sure to activate the warmers with plenty of time before you head outdoors. Another product to consider is over boots which zip over your regular ski boots. I recommend sizing these slightly larger than your boots so that they aren’t too difficult to take on or off.

Tip #5: Keep Boots Warm
Start your ski with warm and dry boots by setting them in a warm heated space prior to slipping them on your feet. If your ski partner isn’t ready when you are, get a head start and come back and meet them. With warm feet you will have better balance and a better experience skiing.