The Best Gifts for Pregnant Women - FITS®

December 19, 2021

Spoil the pregnant woman in your life with unique gifts for pregnant women that will leave her feeling special and loved. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best gifts for pregnant women to provide her the comfort that she deserves. Whether you're celebrating her birthday, attending a baby shower, or just want to go the extra mile to show you care, these nine gifts for pregnant women are sure to deliver.

9 Meaningful and Useful Gifts for Pregnant Women

Whether this is her first child or she’s done it before, being pregnant is no easy task. These gifts will show the expectant mom in your life that you care about her wellbeing during pregnancy.

1. Compression Socks

It’s likely the expecting mother in your life will experience swelling in her feet, ankles, and legs, as it’s a common symptom of pregnancy. That’s what makes compression socks for women such a great gift. With FITS® 15-20 mmHg Cushioned Compression (Nylon) - OTC socks, she will experience the perfect amount of pressure on her legs to reduce swelling and supply oxygen-rich blood through the body and back to her heart.

2. Comfortable Slippers

When it comes to gifts for pregnant women, new slippers are a must. Pregnancy requires a lot from the mother-to-be and can be tough on her feet. Treating her to a pair of comfortable slippers will ensure her feet are cozy and supported during the pregnancy period.

3. Wool Socks

Whether because she’s on her feet all day at work or busy running after the little ones she already has at home, wool socks for women rank as one of the best gifts for pregnant women. The expecting mom in your life deserves to wear cozy wool socks, like FITS® Light Hiker - Crew, for all-day comfort no matter what she's doing.

4. A Cozy Robe

Growing a new life is no easy task, and an expecting mother will get a lot of use out of a new cozy robe. It’s one of the best gifts for pregnant women who don’t feel like putting on regular clothes every day.

5. Memorabilia Book

An expecting mother will experience many thoughts, feelings, and emotions throughout her pregnancy. A baby memorabilia book, future letter, or an email diary is an excellent way for her to document those feelings and ideas about her new baby that she can give to her child to open in the future.

6. Spa Gift Set

Pamper the expecting mother in your life with a spa gift set, one of the best gifts for pregnant women. Start with a bar of lavender soap and an aromatherapy bath bomb. Add a chemical-free lotion and some belly butter to help prevent stretch marks, and top it off with a soy wax candle.

7. Mama Sweatshirt 

Mama sweatshirts are a cute gift idea for any expecting mother. Help her show her mama pride with a soft and cozy sweatshirt. The pregnancy period is an exciting time, and a mama sweatshirt is sure to be a gift that will get some use.

8. Foot Massage Roller

Unless you’re willing to become her foot masseuse, a foot massage roller is one of the best gifts for pregnant women. It’s so secret that a woman’s feet take the brunt of her pregnancy. Instead of going to the spa, save time and money by purchasing a foot massage roller for the mom-to-be.

9. Pregnancy Pillow

This is an excellent gift for expecting mothers who usually sleep on their stomachs. A pregnancy pillow will assist with a good night's sleep after carrying a baby all day long. The mother-to-be can snuggle this pillow that cradles her belly and supports her aching body, so she feels rejuvenated in the morning or after an afternoon nap.