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April 19, 2019

No one likes a long commute, but if public transportation or sitting in traffic is part of your daily routine, we’ve got good news for you: there are ways to make your travel time more enjoyable. Some day, we may be lucky enough to have teleportation as an option, but in the meantime, try these five tips for a better commute.

Get your entertainment through your ears

Whether you’re on a crowded metro or inching forward on the interstate, auditory entertainment can help pass the time faster and more enjoyably. These days, there’s a podcast for virtually any topic you’re interested in, and most libraries offer audiobooks as free rentals. With so much great content to listen to, you can make the most of your travel time.

Wear comfortable socks

It’s bad enough that you have to dress professionally at work — shouldn’t your dress clothes at least be comfortable? Luckily, a supportive and well-fitted business sock can make even a several-block-long walking commute easier to tackle.

Slow it down

There’s nothing worse than running late and knowing no amount of rushing will shorten your commute enough to make you on time. Rather than start your day stressed out and behind, take steps to get out the door earlier so you can enjoy a more leisurely commute. Without the stress of rushing, you’ll be able to ease into your day and feel more prepared to get down to business once you arrive at the office.

Strengthen your mental preparation

Even if you’re not someone who can focus enough to meditate during your morning commute, you can still practice mindfulness to mentally set you up for your day. Whether engaging in a gratitude practice, brainstorming for your next presentation or making a list of the day’s important to-dos, using your commute for thoughtful reflection can help you feel more grounded as you head into your day.

Call a loved one

We’re all bad at staying in touch, but your commute could offer the perfect opportunity to start your day connecting with the ones you love. If you use public transportation and don’t want to have personal conversations within earshot of strangers, consider using your commute to compose emails or send check-in texts to your friends and family. 

Commutes can be a drag, but they don’t have to be symbolic with discomfort. Shop our lifestyle and business socks today.  


Sock Sizing
women and men size chart

The Perfect Fit Starts With the Right Size.

Your sock size shouldn’t be a guessing game. Our socks range from small to double XL, but the best way to know the perfect fit for you is to match your shoe size to the chart on the left. That way, you’ll know the size you select will give you the fit and feel you expect.

Between sizes? Go with your gut, but rest assured that your socks will still fit great. If you receive your order and find yourself wishing you’d gone up or down a size, just let us know. We’ll happily send you replacements for your preferred size.

Concerned about laundry mix-ups? All FITS® socks are coordinated by color and size, based on the colors you see on the size chart. So, you won’t have to worry about mixing up your sizes with the other FITS® wearers in your home. (But stray socks mysteriously going missing in the dryer? Unfortunately, we can’t help with that.)


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How Do You Determine Sock Size?

Sock sizes are typically measured in inches, not by your shoe size. So, a sock size 6-8 will comfortably fit someone whose feet are between six and eight inches long. However, at FITS®, we make it easy for you to choose the ideal sock size without having to measure your foot. Simply use our sock size conversion chart based on your shoe size to select the right fit for you. 

How Do You Measure Your Foot for Socks?

To measure your foot for socks, measure the length from the heel of your foot to the tip of your longest toe. The measurement in inches correlates to your sock size. For example, if your foot is 10 inches long, a sock size 9-11 should fit you comfortably. At FITS®, you can skip this step and find your sock size based on your shoe size using our conversion chart. 

What Is the Sock Size Conversion?

The sock size conversion refers to sock size compared to shoe size. While all companies may vary slightly on which size socks to purchase based on your shoe size, you can always measure your foot to find the right fit for you. 

What is Sock Size to Shoe Size?

Because sock sizes are determined by the length of your foot in inches vs. your shoe size, shoe and sock sizes differ. The FITS® sock size to shoe size conversion is as follows:

Knowing this makes it easy to choose the ideal sock size based on your shoe size without measuring your foot. 

What Age is Sock Size 9-12?

Sock sizes typically don’t correlate with age. For kids, age can be a general indicator of what size sock they’ll need, but everyone is different. An adult sock size 9-12 fits anyone whose feet are approximately nine to twelve inches long. For kids’ sock sizing, check with the company to find exact details to ensure your little one gets the perfect fit. 

Got more questions about finding the perfect sock size for you? Let’s talk.



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